AviaRent looks back on a successful business year – And starts with the funds CareVision III and MikroQuartier II

AviaRent Capital Management S.à r.l. has successfully completed the financial year 2016 in the care and assisted living sector and in micro-apartments, with a total investment volume of 250 million Euros.

„Although we have stayed behind our expectations to a strong prior year with the investment volume, we are satisfied with the result due to the steep increase in prices. We were able to maintain our market share of approximately 20% in nursing homes and our leading position in micro-apartments despite many new market participants“, according to Dan-David Golla, CEO.

At the end of the year, AviaRent launched the two follow-up funds CareVision III and MikroQuartier II.

„Both funds pursue the same strategy as their predecessors and are already in the investment process. The first capital calls were already made in December. We are processing our existing and secured pipeline of more than € 400 million, which we have already secured in the previous year, and will thus increase our planned growth from
€ 1 billion to around € 1.4 billion in a constricting market year“, says Mathias Giebken, CFO.

The predecessor funds CareVision II and MikroQuartier I were already closed for new investments in early 2016. The Asset Manager has acquired a total of 25 nursing homes for the closed fund CareVision II. In the area of micro-apartments, 16 properties were purchased for the already closed fund MikroQuartier I.

In total, AviaRent holds approximately 4.500 units for care and assisted living in their funds and approximately 2.500 micro-apartments as well as children’s daycare centres with approximately 2.000 places.