AviaRent goes into strategic alliance with Primonial

AviaRent Capital Management S.à r.l. is of now forming a strategic alliance with the French Primonial Holding.

Primonial is one of the leading European asset management platforms with a fund value over € 16 billion. In the area of care and education the company manages over € 3.5 billion across Europe. With a fund volume of € 1 billion and a market share of approx. 20 % in the care sector, AviaRent is one of the market leaders in Germany. The cooperation now has a fund volume of more than € 4.5 billion and strengthens with it the joint position in the area of social infrastructure.

“The goal of this strategic alliance is, above all, the internationalization, the growth and expansion of the market leadership in the field of social infrastructure. The use of synergy effects in the area of joint asset management and the effort to meet the legal requirements in regard to the AIFM simplify common procedures”, says Dan-David Golla, CEO.

Laurent Fléchet, Deputy CEO of Primonial, in charge of real estate activities, says “Our partnership with AviaRent Capital Management, a company that is a key player in the field of healthcare real estate in Germany and that shares our values, is a major accomplishment at a decisive moment in the history of Primonial”. He adds: “This alliance will strengthen our position as a leading asset manager in healthcare and education real estate in Europe.”

Through the joint strategy, the portfolio of residential real estate is expected to grow by about 30 % within one year. In addition, the alliance will expand its investment activities across the entire range of social investments.

In this context, Ralf Otzen, who has been with AviaRent Capital Management S.à r.l for a year, assumes the role of CEO. Company founders Dan-David Golla and Mathias Giebken will continue to focus on the strategic orientation, investor care and investments.