AviaRent announces sponsorship of German track cyclists

AviaRent Invest AG has announced a new sponsorship agreement for the German track cyclists Marc Jurczyk and Lea Friedrich until the end of 2020. The logo of AviaRent, the asset manager that specialises in social real estate, already appears on the racing suits of the Team Erdgas 2012 athletes, who are competing at this year’s German Track Cycling Championships from 31 July to 4 August at the Velodrom in Berlin.

“I have known Marc for many years and have followed his career from the beginning as a big cycling fan. I am therefore all the more pleased that AviaRent is able to support the entire Team Erdgas 2012 at the upcoming track cycling championships and beyond”, says Mathias Giebken, CEO of AviaRent Invest AG.

AviaRent Invest AG has already sponsored Marc Jurczyk, who has won several German championship titles as well as medals at the European Championships and Junior World Championships. Lea Friedrich is multiple Junior World Champion 2018, U23 European Champion 2019 and has won several German Championship titles. Both athletes are also members of the Olympic team 2020 in Tokyo.

“Marc Jurczyk is a sharp young man whose structured approach translates his talent for the sprint disciplines into success”, says Hans Lutz, 1976 Olympic champion and four-time world champion from 1973 to 1975, who has been coaching Jurczyk since 2008.

“Lea Friedrich is the outstanding talent in women’s track cycling today. At nineteen, she is at least as advanced in her development as her role model, Olympic champion Christina Vogel, was at the same age”, Lutz adds.