Carevision I, II & III

With our CareVision funds, we take a look at demographic changes, a subject that has long been hushed up by politicians. The expansion of spaces in nursing homes has been part of our focus since 2009.

Our strategy

With CareVision III, around 30% of all people in need of long-term care in 2015 were men who were 85 years and older. This share is expected to increase to almost 60% by 2060. There is a clear increase in longevity among women, as well. While the proportion of women aged 85 and over was about 50% in 2015, this share is expected to increase even further to almost 70% by 2060. These forecasts indicate that the demand for spaces in care facilities and assisted living will be higher than ever. The figures show that an investment in nursing homes continues to be stable and inflation-safe. It also addresses a socially essential need. Even nearly ten years after our first funds, investment in nursing homes is urgently needed.

Facts & figures

By 2030, the number of people needing care is expected to rise to 3.5 million people. In other words, 321,000 additional spaces in care facilities will have to be created, according to current figures by the Pflegeheim Rating Report 2015. In order to guarantee these spaces, up to 80 billion euro will have to be invested in the next 15 years for the new construction and modernisation of nursing homes.


Our concept

An overall concept for investors to participate in a sustainable and ethically sound investment. The partnership with reputable operators as well as the professional asset management are the key to the long-term success of the fund.

The demographic change will advance from a macro to a mega-trend in the coming years

Term care population of Germany

2010- 2050


CareVision III

  • Investment properties, preferably not constructed before 1997
  • Nursing homes and assisted living with a location-based, demand-oriented usage concept and existing operators, minimum maturity of 10 years
  • Individual property volumes starting at four milion eouros
  • At least 60, at most 200 places : short-term extension within 2 years must be possible (given structural condition and builduing law)
  • Germany and Austria, generally within their states
  • Offers for seniors with dementia available
  • Share deals and asset deals