European Social Infrastructure I

Our European Social Infrastructure Fund targets demographic change and its consequences. It's time to invest in Social Infrastructure, especially in health, education and affordable housing.

Our strategy

The European Social Infrastructure I (ESI I) is the first fund of its kind and is issued by Germany and Europe‘s market leaders. It focuses exclusively on social infrastructure in Europe. The investment needed for Social Infrastructure will be the largest social investment in European history. Only if enormous financial resources can be mobilized in an innovative way will Europe be able to maintain its leadership role in the area of welfare.

Facts & figures

Italy, Germany, Greece and Portugal occupy a leading position with 21% of the over-65s due to their high social and developed position in Europe, in all of these countries there is an extreme need to catch up in the care market. The aging society in Europe focuses not only on nursing homes and age appropriate housing, social structures are also changing in the individual states.

Our concept

An overall concept for investors to participate in a sustainable and ethically sound investment. The long-standing cooperation and proven experience of management in the development, valuation and distribution of care real estate, as well as in management and financing, are the key to the long-term success of the fund.

„The European Union can not raise the required investment volume for social Infrastructure without private investors.”

Population 65+ in the EU

in percent, on 1 January 2015


European Social Infrastructure I

  • Investment properties and project developments that are given to third parties
  • Schools and educational institutions, daycare centres, familyfriendly living and small living space (micro-apartments) depending on the specific requirements of the municipalities, municipalities of the individual countries
  • Individual property volume starting at two million euros
  • Care homes, age-appropriate living, clinics at least 60, at most 200 places.
  • Specialist clinics and medical centres at least 12 day places
  • Europe
  • Asset and Share Deals