KinderWelten I

With our KinderWelten funds, we focus on the variation of the classic family model and the challenge regarding the work-life balance. For many years now, the father has no longer been the main breadwinner in the house-hold.

Our strategy

Through our KinderWelten funds, we aim at creating new spaces in Germany for childcare and, thereby, to make the lacking care spaces available. Developments in recent years show that institutional child care is urgently needed in society. We create new daycare spaces.

Facts & figures

Reconciling one’s family and profession is a major challenge for many people. Especially due to the change in the traditional family model. More and more women today are superbly trained and want to go to work, despite having a family. In 1996, only the father was employed in 40% of all families, while in 2011, this was the case in only 30% of all families. Accordingly, the market potential is high in the field of education property for early care.

Our concept

After careful needs analysis, KinderWelten invests in daycare centres throughout Germany. In cooperation with selected operators, we offer investors a safe investment that, at the same time, is also of social value. The KidsWorld fund is currently closed to new investors.

An investment in the future of our society

Rate of active working women and men to parenthood and age of the youngest child in Germany

2013, in percent