MikroQuartier I & II

With our MikroQuartier funds, we focus on the trend toward more single-person households. This trend is the result of the continued high number of students as well as the changes in the world of work in terms of flexibility and mobility.

Our strategy

With MikroQuartier II, we apply the strategy of the already successfully placed MikroQuartier I. There is a greater demand for smaller flats, especially in large cities with leading employers and university towns. To meet this demand for micro-apartments, larger existing buildings are renovated or new properties are built. Since the demand for partially- or fully-equipped micro-apartments is very high, it is clear that this new way of living is slowly shedding its niche status.



Facts & figures

Throughout Western Europe, one-person households dominate. At 40% in Germany alone (according to the Society for Consumer Research), this is an increasing trend. By 2030, the Federal Statistical Office predicts an increase to 43.4%. As part of this change in society, 20 to 40 sqm, furnished apartments in economically prosperous cities will increasingly be highly sought after. Our Asset Management already manages and rents around 2,100 micro-apartments, and the trend is increasing.

Our concept

We only invest in affordable, high quality housing in selected and central locations with an appropriate initial demographic situation. Our experienced team in property management and rental guarantees the sustainable success of the investment.

Long-term trend of sustainable investment opportunities

Private households by household size

Until 2030


MikroQuartier II

  • Investment properties without investment backlog
  • Older buildings only after restructuring and revitalisation renova-tion projects after refurbishment or as separate project develop-ment
  • New construction or project development with acquisition after completion
  • Location: university towns with over 50,000 inhabitants central downtown location
  • Property volumes: At least 30 apartments per investment in the size of 20 to 30 m²
  • Share Deals and asset Deals
  • Locations with sufficient infrastructure within walking distance
  • Single tenant with good credit
  • Quota contracts with companies