Demography is the only macro trend that can already be predicted with a high degree of probability. AviaRent invest in markets that have arisen due to demographic change and that have a clear need.


Our Funds

Our funds are designed as a regulated Luxembourg SICAV-FIS special fund structure. We only invest in eligible property in the areas of nursing homes, micro-apartments and daycare centres.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is precise analysis of our properties and their locations: exact local analysis instead of global macro- analysis, acquisition of individual properties rather than of entire portfolios ("cherry picking"). This and the eligibility of the properties guarantees the long-term success of our funds.


Our Quality

Our funds are subject to regular review. Investment properties are assessed annually by an external expert in terms of their profitability, building structure and quality. In addition, on a quarterly basis, our property management performs on-site reviews of all individual property that is managed in the fund. The reporting occurs on a quarterly basis to our investors.


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MikroQuartier I & II

The trend towards more single-person households

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Carevision I, II & III



With our CareVision funds, we take a look at demographic changes, a subject that has long been hushed up by politicians. The expansion of spaces in nursing homes has been part of our focus since 2009.

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KinderWelten I

The work-life balance

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