The Company

As a specialised asset manager with one billion euro under management, we concentrate our funds on sustainable and ethically sound property with added social value. We do not deal with real estate: we invest in it and the future of our society.


Asset Management

We provide the strategic asset management and commercial property management of the entire portfolio. We specialise in the management of nursing homes, micro-apartments and daycare centres.


Our Portfolio

Our portfolio consists primarily of properties that meet the modern needs of our society that has been caught in the wave of demographic change: nursing homes, daycare centres and micro-apartments. As such, they serve a real market of necessity that has almost no correlation with other real estate segments.


Our Funds

Our funds are designed as a regulated Luxembourg SICAV-FIS special fund structure. Our strategy is precise analysis: exact local analysis instead of global macro- analysis, and acquisition of individual properties rather than of entire portfolios ("cherry picking"). This guarantees the long-term success of our funds.


Our Standards

Our specialisation requires special expertise. Our company's strength lies in the outstanding experience and qualifications of our employees and partners. They are experts in the purchasing, evaluation and project development of social and operated properties.


Range of Services

Our strengths are our services. Our selected team from the fields of sales, acquisitions, reporting, investor relations, asset management, property management and marketing is there for you and welcome challenges.

We're there for you

Our skill lies in the many years of experience and expertise of our employees and partners. We want to create value with values.

Our Funds

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"Demography is the only macro trend that can already be predicted with a high degree of probability."

Asset Management

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Our business credo "Creating value with values" also applies beyond our work.

As a company that specialises in socially sustainable real estate, we also want to contribute to society beyond our work. AviaRent regularly sponsors the "Stiftung Mittagskinder".

The "Stiftung Mittagskinder" has two children meetings in Hamburg, where children are provided free social and educational care and where they learn, eat and play together. The gatherings offer the children a second home, in which they can support each other as well as feel safe and understood.

Cooperation Partners

Our success is based upon successful cooperation with our experienced and long-term partners.


PAPE & RAHN Steuerberater GbRr

LplusP GmbH, Dr. Ludwig & Partner

Hauck & Aufhäuser Investment Gesellschaft S.A.


KPMG Luxemburg

White & Case